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An expat in Merida, Mexico offers some insight into the challenges of settling in and living there. Some of the topics include driving, what it's like there if you don't speak Spanish, and much more. This expat clearly is an optimist and is determined to make life in Merida with her husband a success! An expat talks about living in beautiful Merida, Mexico. This modern city of over , on the Yucatan still retains some of the Mayan culture.

Parts of the city have very modern architecture while others have colonial. If you're moving to Merida, prepare yourself for the heat and friendly locals.

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An expat in Tijuana, Mexico talks about what it's like living in a border city, locals focus on family, athletic activities and more. Private Message. Thank you. Alan dosar aol.

Lake Chapala & Guadalajara

There are ongoing dinners for newcomers that include both singles and couples. I hope that this helps.

Get a quote for expat health insurance in Mexico from our partner, Cigna Global Health. Convenience You can walk to most anything from Ajijic and a drive of more than 5 km 3. Vacationing Mexico is huge country with a surface area encompassing more than all of Central America combined so there is more ground to cover for travel options and exploration.

You have access to a lot of climate zones too, from true desert to true jungle with jaguars and crocodiles. You can enjoy semi cold winters and snow, or sweltering, humid summers, or dry searing desert heat all within a couple days drive and depending on the season. Flying to anywhere in the world is a breeze while living in Ajijic with only a 30 minute drive to the airport.

Once there, flights to the U. Mexico is bound on either side by the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans, offering the Lake Chapala expat a variety of beach options. In fact, Mexico has 9, km 5, miles of coastline! The Pacific Coast village of Cuyatlan is the closest and only 3 hours away, Manzanillo 3. So what are you waiting for? Originally published by retireinlakechapala.

Asociacion Mexicana de Asistencia en el Retiro AMAR is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and helping people from outside Mexico to retire in this country.

WHY We Chose Mexico: American Expats LIVING In Ajijic [Lake Chapala, Mexico]

The lake is 66 miles long and 13 miles across. In the rainy season, there are also waterfalls that you may hike to. Just west of Ajijic there are thermal springs that you can swim or relax in that are reputed to have healing, therapeutic properties.

Ajijic Hotels and Places to Stay

Lake Chapala is on the same latitude as Hawaii so you will see the same fruit, flowers, trees and plants. There are Birds of Paradise, pine trees and palm trees as well as banana plants and cacti growing side by side, just to name a few. The homes, businesses and exterior walls and even telephone poles will often be painted in saturated colors, like tangerine and cobalt blue; terracotta red and violet. You will see incredible murals painted by local artists just about everywhere you go and many of them feature local residents!

Lake Chapala is a prime location in terms of access and proximity. It is also home to the oldest and largest expat community anywhere outside the US or Canada. Approximately 20, expats make Lake Chapala their home. Should you need to get back home quickly, Mexico is a fast and affordable option.

Mexico Daily Living: A Dream of Waving

Lake Chapala is just 30 minutes from the international airport in Guadalajara. Or if you prefer to drive, a hour drive to the border. Lake Chapala is like the hub of a wagon wheel, where going out in any direction for 2 hours can take you to beaches, mountains, canyons, archeological sites and colonial pueblos. A five-hour drive in any direction will lead you to Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, Patzcuaro in the mountains and more beaches and archeological and historical wonders, including pyramids.

It may be surprising to now that Medical care at Lake Chapala can be just as good or better than what you would find back home. Most of the doctors at Lake Chapala speak English and some have even been trained in the US — but the cost is a fraction of what you would pay out of pocket. If alternative medicine is your thing, many of the physicians locally will assist you in putting together a plan that incorporates different but compatible approaches that are right for you.

Time for Americans Living in Mexico to Go Home?

People are retiring in better health than ever before in history and many people are simply not ready to sit in a rocking chair and relax. Retirees have been coming to Lake Chapala for almost years now. Our local culture has evolved and become a unique fusion.

Inlet - Boats

We find ourselves reaping the benefits of fusion both in goodwill from the Mexican people and in having an enviable English-speaking infrastructure in place. From activities like Toastmasters, Walking clubs, Zumba, Yoga, a world-class community theater with live productions in English, live music almost every night of the week to movie theaters with movies in English, Rotary Club, Writers Groups, Photography clubs, Artist groups and too many to list here.

Many of us from North of the Border long to be able to have our lives count for something.

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We want to make a difference and help. There are real needs and opportunities to help from rocking babies, or reading and doing crafts with the older children at one of the local orphanages to helping out at one of the animal rescues, teaching English to Mexican students or adults looking to expand their skill set and much more. Many younger families with children are moving to the area to start businesses or work remotely to take advantage of the weather, lower cost of living, opportunities to learn Spanish and to be a part of a close-knit but welcoming community.

I have traveled to multiple countries over the years and one thing that sets Mexico apart, even in Central and South American countries, is the culture. Many countries have become Spanish-speaking foreign versions of the US and Canada…Mexico — even with the ex-pat population — is still …Mexico! A strong theme found in people who retire in Mexico is increased happiness, lower stress and enjoying a simpler lifestyle. Many people liken it to stepping back in time when people were more courteous, the family was a top priority and our elders were respected.