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Kind if you have any questions about this ebook, suggestions that would make this ebook clearer and more expansive, or suggestions for other ebooks that you would like to see him write about. Kind can be reached at www. Ethan Kind writes and is published extensively on all of the above activities. He teaches musicians, athletes, and computer operators how to stop hurting themselves, by showing them how to use their bodies with ease and coordination.

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He brings a unique perspective to his work, having been a musician and athlete all of his life. Ethan brings a rich and varied background to his role of inspiring musicians.

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After receiving both B. Degrees from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Ethan worked as a performer and an instructor in classical guitar. While a guitar student at the Royal College of Music in London, he developed sever carpal tunnel and sought out an Alexander Technique teacher to alleviate the pain. At that time he found very quickly how he had been sacrificing his body to do what he loved—striving for the perfect performance.

Brieg, Tschorn RISM A und Faksimile-Edition Heinrich Albert, 3. Stuttgart, Line-cut of the Leipzig, and Brieg, editions. For voice with instrumental accompaniment. Hardbound with boards in marbled paper.

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Faksimile-Edition Heinrich Albert, 5. Line-cut of the , , , , , , editions. For voice and instrumental accompaniment. Hardbound, with boards in marbled paper. Stimmen gesetzt. Faksimile-Edition Heinrich Albert, 4.

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Faksimile-Edition Heinrich Albert, 2. Edited by Ian Harwood. A much admired collection of pieces a4, mainly for voice and lute, but with alternative methods of performance possible. Notated in French lute tablature, cittern tablature and mensural notation and printed in table book format. Offenbach s. Florence, Line-cut of the Offenbach, n. Introduction in It by Andrea Sebastiani. Wrappers in decorative paper. Early Cello Series, 3.

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Line-cut of the c. Bologna, Line-cut of the Bologna, edition. Laid paper. Last copy. Estense di Modena. Facsimile della stampa e del manoscritto ed edizione della partitura a cura di Marc Vanscheeuwijck. Line-cut of the edition violoncello o clavicembalo and a contemporary ms copy violin. The newly discovered ms of the work reproduced in facsimile here includes a further part for the violin, suggesting the the Ricercate were originally intended for violin and bc. Together with practical edition. Preface in It-Eng. Wrappers, in portfolio.

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Huntingdon, n. Xerographic reprint of the edition. Line-cut of the London, edition. Each text of the cantatas are beautifully printed showing their poetic structure before the music settings.

Laid paper, with handsome binding in red linen with gold lettering. Paris, s. Line-cut of the Paris, c. Preface in It by Marcello Castellani. Huntingdon, []. Xerographic reprint of the Bremner edition, London, Erste Sammlung. Zweyte Sammlung. Wq 88, Helm Line-cut of the autograph score preserved in the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Mus. Bach P , together with modern edition. Format original. Catalogue: A.

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Conservatoire Royal de Musique, Brussels]. Peer, Opera XIX. Xerographic reprint of the London, edition. Works by J. Opera Rotterdam, Collection FacsiMusic. Courlay, Line-cut of the Hamburg, edition extracted from Musikalisches Vielerley. First Edition Edited by Michael Maul. Kassel, The aria, consisting of 12 verses, was composed in to celebrate the 53rd birthday of Duke Wilhelm Ernst of Saxe-Weimar. Together with new performing edition. Faksimile des Autographen.

Oblong, 33 x 26 cm, pp.

Halftone monochrome of the dedication autograph score—dated 24 March —for Christian Ludwig, Margrave of Brandenburg. Bach's elegantly penned title "Concerts avec plusieurs instruments" concertos with several instruments is a somewhat modest description of the concertos to follow, in that many different combinations of instruments and sonorities are exploited, perhaps deliberately to get the Margrave's attention and approval, not unlike the way Mozart used his Gran Partita to introduce himself to the Viennese public.