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The practice of dismembering, beheading, burning alive and gibbeting Africans in the Caribbean was not limited to those who were in open revolt.

Enslaved: Odyssey To The West Walkthrough Chapter 1 Part 2

This was a major concern for the enslavers as a significant numbers of Africans took their own lives to escape this living hell. This was apparently perceived by some Africans as a greater punishment than death.

The Three-Fifths Clause of the United States Constitution (1787)

Brown, p. Brown makes an important point about the purpose of this vicious butchery of enslaved Africans by their European enslavers. The forgotten white slaves. Whenever they rebelled or even disobeyed an order, they were punished in the harshest of ways.

How Are 400,000 Enslaved in America?

It is estimated that the majority of servants who laboured under this system were English. Most who became indentured servants in the British colonies did so willingly. In exchange for food, shelter and their passage across the Atlantic, they were bound to their master for a set period of time. Those who were reduced to indentured servitude by force or deception and had no prior agreement with a merchant, were equally required by law to serve the master who purchased their labour for a limited number of years, depending on their age. Whether willing or not, Irish or not, they were all bonded labourers and while bound they were unfree.

Many servants in the British American colonies suffered hardships and the historical record is replete with examples of them being treated poorly or abused. As Planters controlled the councils and paid for the future labour of their servant in a lump sum it created a new exploitative dynamic which did not exist in England. This labour system commodified the servant to the extent that they were now a capital investment.

The mortality rate was high.

Many survived. Many did not.

The Fall, Parts 1–4

An indentured servant was usually punished in the form of an extension of their term of service. African slaves were to serve for life and so the harshest physical punishments were reserved for them. Amussen, referring to the Barbados Slave Code of , surmised how. In comparison to Servants who. In Father Antoine Biet witnessed the horrific torture of slaves in Barbados. One of these slaves who was forced to eat his own roasted and severed ear belonged to an Irishman.

Biet writes.. If some go beyond the limits of the plantation on a Sunday they are given fifty blows with a cudgel; these often bruise them severely. If they commit some other slightly more serious offense they are beaten to excess, sometimes up to the point of applying a firebrand all over their bodies which makes them shriek with despair. As these poor unfortunates are very badly fed, a few occasionally escape during the night and go to steal a pig or something similar from a neighbouring plantation.

But, if they are discovered, there is no forgiving them. One day I went to visit my Irishman. He had in irons one of these poor Negroes who had stolen a pig. Every day, his hands in irons, the overseer had him whipped by the other Negroes until he was all covered with blood. The overseer, after having had him treated thus for seven or eight days, cut off one of his ears, had it roasted, and forced him to eat it. Pinckard was in Berbice later British Guiana in and he was horrified by the sadistic torture of slaves in that colony.

In one instance two slaves were whipped so badly that one died and the other his partner was horribly injured but offered no medical treatment. Leaving large open wounds unattended in a tropical environment was yet another grotesque punishment. He explained its effect. The ulcerations had penetrated to a great depth, particularly within-side the thighs, where the lashes of the whips had cut round… The ulcers were very raw and considerably enlarged by the gnawing of the maggots which had been bred within them. I cannot describe to you the horror I felt at this deplorable sight.

Finally, we must mention Thomas Thistlewood, who was a plantation overseer and slave-owner in Jamaica in the mid to late eighteenth century. His meticulous diary catalogues the horrific manner that he and others tortured and mutilated slaves. They did so with complete impunity. Soon after arriving in the colony he witnessed the body of a dead runaway being dug up and beheaded. Its head was placed on a pole as a warning and the body was burned to ash.

Whites had total license to behave toward slaves as they saw fit, with white juries excusing all white crimes toward blacks short of psychopathic serial murder. This book fails to differentiate between slaves and servants over one hundred times. Yes, I actually counted. In another see below he introduces the laws that governed indentured servants in Jamaica. In this case, being burned alive. This is laughably bad history, but it has inspired a seriously dangerous mythology.

I recently noticed that an Irish member on Stormfront sadly using an Easter Lily avi posted a glowing review of To Hell or Barbados in This review was authored by Matthew Downing, a contributor to the National Vanguard website. The Black overseers frequently mistreated them and subjected these enchained Irish to severe physical violence.

It should give us pause that modern-day Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists find great utility in equating indentured servitude and perpetual hereditary chattel slavery. Their public boasting about this derailment tactic reveals and echoes what they blatantly wish to obscure. The history of five centuries of dehumanization and oppression of black people in the Americas… and its poisonous legacy. Destructive, malignant racism: latent, overt and structural. Become a member.

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Sign in. Get started. Liam Hogan Follow. Douglass was born in Talbot County, Maryland, though he does not know the year, as most slaves are not allowed to know their ages. Douglass remembers being unhappy and confused that white children knew their ages, but he was not allowed even to ask his own.

He estimates, based on an overheard comment from his master, that he was born in or around Douglass is separated from his mother soon after birth—a common practice among slave owners. Douglass assumes that this custom is intended to break the natural bond of affection between mother and child.

He recalls that he only saw his mother on the rare occasions when she could walk twelve miles after dark to lie next to him at night. Harriet dies when Douglass is about seven.

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He is told about it afterward and is hardly affected by the news. Douglass knows only that his father is a white man, though many people say that his master is his father. He explains that slaveholders often impregnate their female slaves. Thus slaveholders actually profit from this practice of rape, as it increases the number of slaves they own.

Douglass considers that the existence of such a large population of mixed-race slaves contradicts arguments that justify American slavery through the supposed inferiority of the African race.

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Plummer, is a drunk and a cruel man who carries a whip and cudgel with him and often uses them on slaves. The Captain himself is cruel as well. Douglass recalls feeling like both a witness to and a participant in the abuse the first time he ever saw it.