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If you answered YES to these questions, Strong Carpet Cleaning Systems will help you start a carpet cleaning business, that will blow away the competition and help you achieve your personal and financial goals. The great news is we are not a franchise! There are never any royalty or franchise fees of any kind. We will help you start a carpet cleaning business without any obligation whatsoever to continue using any of our services.

You can think of us as your consulting, marketing, equipment and product supplier. We are living in a fast-paced service oriented society, and the home services industry is booming. We believe that professional carpet cleaning is the best home services business to be in, regardless of the economy. This has stimulated a major demand in the professional carpet cleaning industry and makes this the perfect time to start a carpet cleaning business.

Starting a carpet cleaning service is one of the most lucrative businesses to get into. It is an easy business to start, run, and maintain. It is recognized as one of the top ten businesses to start from home according to business professionals, entrepreneurial books, magazines and other business research companies. It is also a business that can be operated part time from your home while you keep your current job or full time. Starting a carpet cleaning business has one of the highest rates of return on investment of any business. With the advent of new dry organic carpet cleaning systems, equipment, and chemicals, carpet cleaning is now relatively inexpensive to get into.

You no longer have to buy big vans and install expensive cleaning machinery. The newest machines can now be transported in a Minivan, SUV, or even a car. The Dry Extraction System Advantage:. Carpets will be clean and dry within minutes — not hours or days. Did we mention our system also solves the 2 consumer complaint Worldwide returning stains!

How to Start a Cleaning Business - Start your Own Carpet Cleaning Business

And while we are it,. Strong carpet cleaning is a very easy process, and is actually fun to do. Most operators get a lot of satisfaction doing this, and your customers will love it. It is easy — no harder than operating a vacuum cleaner actually easier — and you can make really good money with this process — even on a part time basis. For example, to start and operate a successful carpet cleaning business….

Starting a carpet cleaning business has to be the best kept secret in home-business opportunities. Most people have no clue how much money a carpet cleaning business can generate. Earning that kind of money and more for every hour you work is easily attainable in the carpet cleaning business, if you have the right tools and support.

How to Start a Home Carpet-Cleaning Business

First, a very good carpet cleaning business strategy is to target higher income home owners. Three bedrooms, living room and hallway. Most professional carpet cleaners would charge. Now to calculate how much can be made for the day, week, month or year, simply multiply the number of jobs per day 2, 3 or even 4 are easy to do times your average profit per job. But what if you could handle 3 or even 5 jobs per day, and what if you operated your carpet cleaning business with multiple vehicles and crews?

Get out a pad and calculator and do a few simple calculations. Most residential jobs only requires one technician, but working as a two person team can make each job easier, quicker and more profitable. One technician working alone can do 3 to 5 average jobs per day like the average job in the example above — or 5 to 7 smaller jobs. But a two person team can easily do 6 to 10 average and larger jobs. Although a necessary ingredient, it is certainly not just the technical aspects of knowing how to properly clean carpets! But impressive carpet cleaning skills alone will not guarantee a successful carpet cleaning business nor will that skill alone allow you to make a good living at it.

Only good technical skills combined with good business skills and sound marketing strategies will lead to long term, sustainable success. Marketing Your Carpet Cleaning Business Everything you do in your carpet cleaning business ties to your marketing plan. Marketing your carpet cleaning business is all about how to find people interested in doing business with you, converting them into paying customers, and keeping them coming back over and over while referring all their friends, coworkers, neighbors and family to your carpet cleaning business.

Marketing your carpet cleaning business is really not difficult to do. It needs to be mixed with hot water. But also gentle enough to use on wool. World of clean has a great reputation of producing their own carpet cleaning solutions. The M-Power is one of their best selling products. Not only is it eco-friendly.

But it dilutes at an unbelievable Which saves you alot of money over time. Have used this for years, never ever had a single issue with using it. Woolsafe approved. Also contains a odour neuraliser.

2. Procuring the essential equipment

Just a capful or two is all you need in the clean water tank. Their solutions are slightly cheaper price too. Dilution Rate. As discussed, the pre-spray can take care of most stains. However oil based stains need a solvent based stain remover.

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Contains orange essence. You can also use it on hard floors. It tackles chewing gum, tarmac stains, ink, mascara gloss paint etc. Sometimes clients carpets look pretty clean already. Thus even though you know and can tell by the dirty water how much cleaner they are, its a very good idea to leave a nice smell behind. Holy moly, this stuff is incredible! It is so strong.

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Literally you only need one or two drops in your tank or direct to carpet to fill the room with a lovely cherry bakewell smell. This deodoriser of all iv tried gets the most compliments from clients.

4 Tips for Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business

Be careful not to get any on your skin or clothes its strong stuff. If your not keen on the cherry smell, then go with Craftex Clean Cotton. To leave a clean smell behind. It kills a wide range of germs caused by pets, urine, vomit, smoke, faeces, etc. Old Dog and Cat urine is a carpet cleaners worst nightmare especially if on wool carpets. If your lucky or fresh then its just on the surface.

The only product iv found that will eat away the smell is made by World of Clean. You only need a couple of sprays direct to the effected area. Its contains essential oils and it smells like a soft spicy aftershave. But its very pleasant, and does actually work. There are endless amounts of accesories you could buy. There are a few things I would say are essentials and they are:. Again, this is a difficult one, and why I never give specific prices on my website. Try not to go out for just one room, as the time you have set up and packed away the equipment, its very time consuming, if you can do a special offer such as 3 for 2 or something similar.

You can find out a bit more about average carpet cleaning prices here. Its better to under promise and over deliver. The variables are vast.