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And my friend sometimes calls it her centerpiece : hilariously she says: I need to fluff my centerpiece. We laugh every time! Vagina, pussy, panocha, coochie, cooch, vajayjay. Depends on who you are talking with and how comfortable you are. Vagina is general. Pussy is a bit vulgar, but as you say, what else should you really say? Vajayjay is just to be funny.

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Why not talk about such a beautiful thing? Its ok and cute that a French girl say this. This entire article cracks me up. I see both sides of the coin. Pussy initially I believe in the American English language was probably developed to be a trashy offensive word probably originating in porn ….

Oh my girlfriends use it all the time but only amongst each other. Personally the word vagina has always made me cringe the most. What you saw was a triangle of pubic hairs…. So, when men say they see a vagina, what do they really see? They see a triangle or any form of pubic hair technically called pubis mound or mound of Venus and they call it a vagina.

I think men have to pay attention and we, women, are the ones to teach them and make them more aware of our treasures…. Pareil pour un homme je parle de sexe! Mais par contre avec les potes , oui oui oui!! Bonne question! Puisque foufoune fait trop enfantin, pourquoi pas foufe? Ou foune?

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Des bisous Garance et merci pour tout tes articles! I think it is all about context. Vajayjays is such a comical term. Yes, it sounds clinical but that makes it more comfortable in that context. With close friends or a lover, in a more intimate setting, pussy is a better word. Okay, when I am with females that I am not overly friendly with, it is vagina.

"Je n'arrive pas à composer"

When I am with my girlfriends, its pussy, cooch, vajayjay, joyride, whatever….. What bothers me is the use of pussy as a reference for someone without gumption or strength. No one calls a man who passes a kidney stone larger than a pea a pussy. Pussy is where the power is, in so many more ways than one. I had a roommate that would use the word pussy and it seemed so graphic like I could picture hers.

Still to this day when I just saw it in the title I pictured her face. In light of this I prefer the term Va-Jean…xo. I say pussy too. I think, just as mentioned before, that context is everything.

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This is true with any subject really. I grew up being told albeit subtlety not to discuss it. I wish people were comfortable with clitoris. I like chatte, though. This is a no-brainer, really! Chatte is just so much more elegant-sounding than than other, cheer-leader style term. Thank you for once more addressing a really good point with your lovely lightness of touch. It always sounds more innocent and sweet in a foreign language and since the french have no problem with the word in common conversation, neither shall us english folk.

Agreed, vagina is just a part of the package. I am pro-pussy, it depresses my vagina to refer to it as vajayjay. I used them all in one sentence. Moi je dis sexe tout simplement un chat est un chat. Looooooooooooove you Garance! It sounds so crass! Then again…. I can be a prude at times. I had fun reading this post…. Il faut trouver un mot moderne, clair, sans connotation cochonne. Je dis sexe. Ebooks and Manuals

Suite : Une lectrice dit que les mots pour le sexe masculin passent mieux. What a brave topic.. Finalement, pourquoi en parler? Yes doc. Une nouvelle marque de friandise??

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WHY do men get all the good words—family jewels seems like it should be good for either men or women. In English, I prefer pussy to vagina, anytime. Why is it so difficult? Luckily I spend most of my time not talking about vajayjays. This post and the comments are hilarious!!!


No disrespect to The Bronx! Pussy, please. I become more like my WASP grandmother by the day and so tend to avoid explicit terms for bits of the anatomy your clothes cover while out in public.