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Additional Information. The NRA steadfastly maintains that the 30, gun-related deaths and , assaults with firearms in the United States every year are a small price to pay to guarantee freedom. They argue that the only way to keep federal authority in check is to arm individual citizens who can, if necessary, defend themselves from an aggressive government.

In the past decade, this view of the proper relationship between government and individual rights and the insistence on a role for private violence in a democracy has been co-opted by the conservative movement. As a result, it has spread beyond extreme "militia" groups to influence state and national policy.

In Guns, Democracy, and the Insurrectionist Idea, Josh Horwitz and Casey Anderson reveal that the proponents of this view base their argument on a deliberate misreading of history. The Insurrectionist myth has been forged by twisting the facts of the American Revolution and the founding of the United States, the denial of civil rights to African-Americans after the Civil War, and the rise of the Third Reich under Adolf Hitler. Here, Horwitz and Anderson set the record straight.

Then, challenging the proposition that more guns equal more freedom, they expose Insurrectionismnot government oppressionas the true threat to freedom in the U.

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He has spent nearly two decades working on gun violence prevention issues. He lives in Arlington, Virginia. Casey Anderson holds a law degree from Georgetown University and is currently a lawyer in private practice in Washington, D. He has served in senior staff positions with the U.

Table of Contents. Introduction pp. Part 1. The Insurrectionists p.

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Chapter 1. What Is the Insurrectionist Idea?

An unnamed rebel group operated against the UNSC on the planets Harvest [9] and Arcadia , [10] with possible influence on other colonies. The seal of this organization is of a stylized fist on a red circle, and is found on nearly all of their units. They mainly used stolen technology from the UNSC. The Freedom and Liberation Party was a terrorist group on Mamore. The group claimed responsibility for the Haven arcology bombing in , and later demanded that the CMA leave the Eridanus sector.

The New Colonial Alliance was an Insurrectionist group active during the post-war. It was led by Admiral Mattius Drake. The Sundered Legion were a group of pro-Independence militants based on the colony moon of Meridian. Many different individuals were sympathetic to the causes of the various Insurrectionist groups or their various ideas.

The Insurrectionist

Some led their own, smaller unnamed forces. These include:.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. A group of Insurrectionists from the Unnamed Rebel Group. By early afternoon the field had been cleared. The adversaries were called to their posts. They stood back to back, pistols in hand. The order came to march the customary ten paces.

The Insurrectionist: A Novel

At sixty feet they turned, assumed the shooting stance, their bodies sidelong, and awaited the final command. At the call "Ready" they aimed — and fired. In his hotel room Brooks tossed feverishly. His bed linens and shirt were soaked with sweat.

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The images that dominated his restless sleep lost their clarity, dissolved in shadows. Then, as had been the case in countless recurrences of the dream, he heard the booming reports of the pistols, felt the pain of the lead ball tearing through his flesh, narrowly missing his spine, shattering a portion of his pelvis, finally glancing off a bone in his arm. He howled. Brooks lay on his bed barely aware of the commotion. Sunlight streamed through an unshaded window. Again, Keitt's voice intruded into the room.


It's Laurence. We need to talk. Brooks struggled to compose himself. He stumbled to the washbasin, filled it with water from a pitcher, cupped his hands, doused his face. His attempt to bring some tidiness to his disheveled clothing was futile. He opened the door to a startled Keitt. The damned abolitionist is only half finished with his speech and already he's humiliated your cousin, called him a liar.

He rails against the entire South, Preston, calls us the slave power — over and over: the slave power. There is no end to it.

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And the president — the scoundrel insults the president. He has no honor. Keitt had come to escort Brooks to the Senate. It was almost noon, and Sumner was scheduled to resume his speech at one o'clock. But Brooks was hesitant, noncommittal. He needed time to devise a suitable response to Sumner's provocation. Besides, he was in no condition to make an appearance at the Capitol.

The Senate chamber already would be nearing capacity. He urged Keitt to go without him. They could meet later, after the speech — maybe have dinner downstairs in the hotel dining room. Brooks spent the remainder of the day in his room, leaving only briefly to pick up a copy of the National Intelligencer at the front desk. The parlor and lobby swarmed with guests, mostly Southerners. The chatter was about Sumner.