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Figures from this paper. Citations Publications citing this paper. Ekaterina R. Stepanova , Denise T. Quesnel , Bernhard E. Virtual reality as a medium for designing and understanding transformative experiences: the case of the overview effect Ekaterina Stepanova. Hood , David Vago.

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Are You Awed Yet? Quesnel , Ekaterina R. Stepanova , Ivan A.

Aguilar , Patrick Pennefather , Bernhard E. References Publications referenced by this paper. Julie A. Evidence report: Risk of adverse cognitive or behavioral conditions and psychiatric disorders. Slack , J. Schneiderman , L. Leveton , A. Like the onStart override above, the following lifecycle methods also need to be overridden and include the matching MapView method:.

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If you're using a fragment, call mapview. The SDK provides an attribution layout that includes all required information and can be customized either in xml or using the UiSettings object.

You may adjust the position of the Mapbox wordmark and attribution notice, but they must stay visible on the map. You may also change the background and text color of the attribution notice to match your design aesthetics, but all information must be legible.

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You may not otherwise alter the Mapbox wordmark or text attribution notice. If you wish to move or to remove the Mapbox wordmark, please contact our sales team to discuss options available under our Enterprise plans. Mapbox Telemetry is a powerful location analytics platform included in this SDK. By default, the SDK sends anonymized location and usage data to Mapbox whenever the host app causes it to be gathered.

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The Mapbox Terms of Service require your app to provide users with a way to individually opt out of Mapbox Telemetry, which is provided automatically as part of the attribution control. If you hide the attribution control, you must provide an alternative opt out for your users to use. XML attributes can be added inside of the XML MapView to further customize map behavior, such as setting the starting camera position, enabling tilt, or adjusting the compass' location on the screen.

Due to the current implementation of Android Studio, you can't autogenerate MapView attributes by typing. View the full list of MapView attributes here. You are using an outdated browser and will encounter some problems with our website.

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Please consider upgrading. Upgrade Now. Maps SDK for Android. API reference. Install the Maps SDK 1. Add the dependency 2. Get an access token 3. Setup permissions 4. Add a map 5. Styling the map. Showing device location. Data-driven styling. Data clustering. Cache management. Query map features. Install Contribute on GitHub.

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